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David Cameron has blamed fine dining at European summits, including a three-course breakfast, for not being ‘beach body ready’.


The Prime Minister admitted he is ‘greedier’ than toned wife Samantha, who was pictured at the weekend wearing a bikini on holiday in Ibiza.


Mr Cameron said he was ‘very lucky to have such a wonderful wife’ but suggested being told to clear his plate as a child made it hard to stay in shape.


While the Prime Minister was touring European capitals to drum up support for his plans for EU reform, Mrs Cameron flew to the Spanish party island with the couple’s three children.



Photographs emerged of her at the upmarket resort of Cala Nova Beach on the south east of the island.


Wearing a black bikini and carrying a matching clutch bag, the 44-year-old was praised for her toned figure.


Appearing on the This Morning sofa, Mr Cameron was asked how he felt about seeing the photographs of his wife in the papers. ‘I am very lucky to have such a wonderful wife,’ he said.

卡梅伦出目前电视节目This Morning 上时,当问及看到报纸上刊登的老婆照片有哪些感受。他说:“我感觉非常幸运,我有个这么美的老婆。”

‘She took the children off for a nice holiday while I was slogging around Europe trying to get this negotiation right. So I was a bit jealous I have to say.’


Presenter Ruth Langsford asked the Prime Minister if he would be beach body ready for this summer.


But Mr Cameron admitted he struggled to control his diet. ‘I’m not as good as Samantha at controlling what goes in. I’m a bit greedier. She is very disciplined. I’ve probably got some things to learn off her. I try to go for a jog and play a bit of tennis.’


‘But when you do these European tours there’s quite a lot of meals. I was always brought up you have got to eat what’s in front of you.


Last week Mr Cameron embarked on a whistlesTOP tour of European capitals, to discuss his plans to claw back powers from Brussels.


In each capital city he was given VIP treatment, including rich and calorific meals which will have swelled the prime minister’s waistline.


In Paris with President Francois Hollande on Thursday night, Mr Cameron was treated to lobster tureen followed by turbot, cheese and sorbet.


On Friday morning in Warsaw, Poland, he was confronted with what he described as a ‘three course breakfast’, including smoked trout, strawberry salad, Polish cheese from the Tatra mountains, asparagus with poached egg and ham, and cheesecake.


The menu for lunch in Berlin with German chancellor Angela Merkel consisted of shrimp tartar with salad, followed by veal escalope, asparagus and potatoes, and then strawberries.


Aides indicated he may have skipped some courses.



toned 健美的

drum up 竭力争取

upmarket 高端的

slog around 跋涉

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