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Want to get even with an annoying fellow airline passenger? Forget Twitter. After all, 140 characters won’t get you very far when you have a lot to complain about. Do like 24-year-old Munyee Lau did after a recent nightmarish eight-hour AirAsia flight from Singapore to Sydney. Write a 550-word manifesto to the passenger in seat 15A who made you crazy all night long.

想要报复飞机上令你抓狂的同行乘客?用Twitter?算了吧。在你有不少抱怨时,140字并难以满足你。 像24岁的刘敏仪(音译Munyee Lau)那样做吧!她历程亚航从新加坡到悉尼八个小时噩梦般的飞行后,写了封550字的公开信给坐在15A座的乘客,该名乘客让她整夜崩溃。

The Malaysia-based writer posted her scathing — and hilarious — missive on the Singapore humor site SGAG. It has gone viral.



Here’s the full text of Lau’s letter:


Dear passenger 15A,


You do not know me but I was seated in front of you during the flight from Singapore to Sydney on April 12th.


What I had initially thought to be a routine flight turned out to be a once in a lifetime experience – and it was all because of you.


I am writing this letter to thank you personally.


Being the cheapskate that I am, I did not pay extra for a seat next to the emergency exit.


Though it offered more legroom, I couldn’t be bothered to read the special safety procedures. The last thing I would want is to compromise the lives of all the innocent passengers because I do not know how to open the airplane door.


Despite my common economy seat, you offered me a full back massage by repeatedly kicking the back of chair. To date, I have yet to regain full mobility of the lower half of my body. But since I am single, I suppose I don’t have much use for it anyway.


I did not pay for the in-flight entertainment package and I was worried that I might get bored. But my concerns were unnecessary. You were talking so loudly, as if your friend was seated in the cargo hold rather than right next to you.


Perhaps she’s hard of hearing? This might strike you as odd but for the first time in my life, I wished I had a hearing impairment too.


Also, could you tell me where you bought those obnoxious snacks? I assume that they must have been delicious cause you rip one open every 30 minutes.


Thanks for the loud rustling and chewing ambient sounds!


At this point, I thought, ‘It can’t get any better than this.’ But immediately, my nose was assaulted by a putrid smell of death and decay.


The stench was so strong that I turned to check if the old lady seated next to me was still breathing.


It was so nice of you to take off your shoes and put your feet between my seat and the plane window. It must have taken considerable effort – it was a small space but you stuck it as close to my face as you possibly could.


Did you know that you have made me a more religious person?


I have said more prayers in that eight-hour flight than I have in my entire life.


Thank you once again.


Insincerely yours,


Passenger 14A



manifesto 公开信

cheapskate 小气鬼

compromise 风险

hearing impairment 听力障碍

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