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Dan Fredinburg was one of four Americans killed when a massive earthquake struck Nepal on Saturday, causing a wall of ice and rock to engulf the base camp.


The 33-year-old, who was with three colleagues and had been navigating the area for Google Maps, was given the messages by his girlfriend Ashley Arenson just before he set off on the expedition.


It isn’t known whether he got a chance to read them. His friends have since uploaded a CrowdRise page in Fredinburg’s memory, with all the funds going to relief efforts.


Close friend Max Stossel posted a picture of the letter he wrote to his late friend on Saturday alongside a tribute.



‘We lost one of my dearest friends yesterday. One of the most wonderful human beings any of us would have the pleasure of knowing,’ he said.


‘Dan is the most interesting, adventurous, human I’ve ever known. He was a silent force for justice in the world in a way I thought only existed in fiction.


‘Someone who created fun and mischief out of thin air. "


‘Before his climb, Ashley asked some of his friends and family to write letters to take up to the TOP with him. I hope he got a chance to read this one, and if he didn’t, I hope he can somehow feel it now, along with the unbelievable amount of love and stories being shared around the world in his honor.


The letter read: ‘Dan (dan dan dan)


‘You must be really high up for this written Echo (echo echo). Everyone you know and love is eventually going to die (die die die). When we do, we leave behind our stories.


‘Those stories are told and passed on, impacting the lives of others until they are stories (stories stories stories).


‘Your story has already greatly impacted mine for the better. With each adventure you return with stories that most people wouldn’t dream of experiencing themselves (selves selves selves).


‘Thank you for pushing the human race to be greater, more daring, and to truly live life rather than survive it (it it it).


‘I love you, brother. Please return safely with stories (stories stores). “我爱你,哥们。请平安归来,带给大家更多有趣好玩的故事~~~”

‘And even if you don’t… We’ll all be horrified, saddened, and heartbroken, that we can’t create new stories with you but we’ll also know that you’ve already lived the equivalent of at least 100 lifetimes.


‘You are a f****** champion. Safe, wonderful & breathtaking journey.


‘Love, Max Stossel (ossel ossel).’


Fredinburg started at Google in 2007.


When he started at the technology company as product manager and the head of privacy at Google X, the company’s secretive arm best known for ‘moonshot’ projects such as the self-driving car.

他生前是Google的商品部经理,主要负责歌Google秘密实验室Google X隐私与安全,与Google无人驾驶车等项目。

He had been working on mapping Everest since 2013, meaning those interested in adventuring and expeditions could look up routes themselves. It is part of ‘Google Adventure’, a branch of the company that creates routes for users in extreme locations.


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