5大理由对你说 女生不可缺位男闺蜜

时间:2022-5-2 作者:沪江英语网

1. You can explore the men’s nature.


A man and a woman are two absolutely different human beings. It seems they’re living in different realities. There’s no doubt that every woman would like to understand males better. The best way to explore the men’s nature is by making more male friends.


If you think that reading men’s magazines will help you study the psychology of men, then you’re mistaken. Only everyday communication will provide you a chance to understand their feelings, interests, values and thoughts. Your male friend is the only one who can give a valuable advice on how to win the affection of the man you’re in love with. This knowledge will come in handy in the future. Psychologists state that those ladies who get along better with guys have more chances to build long-lasting and romantic relationships with their significant others.


2. They have a good sense of humor.


I’ve always been fond of men’s humor, because their funny jokes can relax the atmosphere and make me laugh regardless of everything. Every time I get into awkward situations my male friends always try to lift my spirits.


Unlike women, men try to distract my attention from the problem and teach me to be more optimistic about everything. I think that this quality makes men emotionally strong and resistant to stress. If you want to be surrounded with positivity and good-humored people, you should get rid of your stereotypes and agree that friendship between men and women is of great importance.


3. They can solve your problems.


It’s been proved that men have a little bit another vision of the world. They’re inborn warriors who can easily face and handle harsh realities of this difficult life. Unlike women, they’re not afraid of challenges or risks, because the desire to win is running through their veins. I think that every lady needs a true guy friend ready to lend his shoulder in a difficult time. They’ll move the mountains to help you find the best solution to various problems.


4. Men are more sincere.


As a woman, I know that all ladies are absolutely unable to keep secrets till the grave. I think that every woman is a fan of drama. Their excessive talkativeness can make them let the cat out of the bag unconsciously. I believe that men are more sincere and frank with their feelings and emotions. My male friends never play double games and prefer to tell me the truth. Sometimes this truth can be bitter and unpleasant, but it’s better than sweet lies.


5. It will increase your self-esteem.


Regular communication with male friends will make you more attractive, confident and emancipated. If you want to be a successful woman, you should learn how to build and keep up both friendship and diplomatic relationships with men and women.


When I got acquainted with Steve, I was a real tomboy. Eight years of communication helped me turn into a real woman. He changed my mindset and taught me to dress up and behave like a lady. Now I can state with assurance that male friends are wonderful teachers. They fill the lives of women with bright colors.


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