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I’ll get right on it .我目前就去办。

I’m busy with writing the year-end report.I forgot to buy the Christmas cards.I’ll get right on it.刚刚我忙着写年度工作总结,忘了买圣诞。我这就去办。

Yes,you should get right on it .是的,你该立刻去办。

You know,the lunar New year is coming,We must finish the jiaozhi adverti百度竞价推广ent soon.


You’re right ,I’ll get right on it .你说的是,我立即去办这件事。

Mon ,there are only 2 hours left before the entrance exam begins.I left my allowance card in my dormitory.妈,还有两个小时高考考试就要开始了,可我把筹备证放在宿舍了。

Don’t worry about it ,I’ll get right on it .别担忧,我这就助你去拿。

Sorry Allen ,I forgot to turn off the TV and there is on one in my apartment ,So I’ll get right on it.真抱歉,艾伦。我忘记关电视了,而且我的房间里无人。我得立刻回去处置。

Sorry,I forgot to take the driver’s license .I’ll get right on it .对不起,我忘了带驾驶证,我就回去拿。

Oh,I didn’t take the medicine ,I’ll get right on it ,You go first.哎呀,我没吃药,我得去吃药,你先走吧。

I’m impressed…… .我印象非常深/使人牢记

What do you think of Shenzhen?你对深圳的印象如何?

I’m impressed by how many modern buildings there are in Shenzhen.我对深圳有这么多现代化建筑印象非常深。

I saw a lady at the gate of your company , I impressed by her beauty. She is a babe.在你公司门口我看到一位女生,我对她印象非常深,她真是一个漂亮宝贝。

Oh , I know who you mean . She is a newcomer.我了解你在说哪个,她是一个新来的。

I’m impressed by her manners.我对她的举止印象非常深。

Impress 的其他使用方法:

His words are strongly impressed in my mind.他的话给我的印象非常深。

Time has left its impression on her.岁月在她身上留下了印迹。

Let me pay my share .让我付我们的那份钱(AA制)

The check is on me.我来买单吧。

No, it’s on me.我来买吧。

Let’s pay separately. You pay your share, and I pay mine.那让大家分开来付吧,你付你的一份,我付我的。

Let’s go to see the new movie ‘the Heater of the Sun’.大家去看新电影吧,“阳光灿烂的日子”。

I heard the tickets are expensive .听说票价非常贵。

Don’t worry about it . Let me pay my share.别担忧,我来付我们的一份。

Paying separately is your country’s custom?分开付钱是你们的习惯吗?

Yes , I’d like to pay my share.是的,我非常乐意付我的一份。

How muck is the total 总共什么价格

I buy five tickets from Hong Kong to Singapore, how much is the total? 我买5张从香港去新加坡的票,总共什么价格?

It’s 8000$.8000元。

Considering it’s five tickets, could you give me a discount? 我一共买了5张,能否给我一个打折?

I am sorry.恐怕不可以。

I’d like to have dinner first, then play table tennis, and finally play chess, how much is the total? 我想先吃饭,再打乒乓球,最后玩一下棋,总共什么价格?

Wait a second. It’s 28$.稍等一下。一共28元。

I’d like to make a tour Thailand for five days, how much is the total?我想到泰国旅游5天,总共什么价格?

One air conditioner, one telephone and three chairs, how much is the total?一台空调,一个电话和三把椅子,总共什么价格?

be dying to/be dying for 极想/迫切想

Mary,I’m dying to see you every moment of the day.玛丽,我无时无刻都盼着见到你。

I feel the same. 我也是。

Will you marry me?你能嫁给我吗?

I don’t know what to say.我不了解该如何说。

What you feel after today’s window shopping?今天逛街后的感觉如何?

Same as you, I’m hungry and thirsty. Let’s go to …… for some fast food. 同你一样,我又饿又渴,大家到麦当劳去吃速食吧。

Good idea, I’m dying for a cola.我想喝点口乐。

I heard a lot about Hong Kong,I’m dying to see it.我知道不少关于香港的事,我真想去看一看。

(I dictate these dialogue from the tape. If there has some mistakes, please inform me . Thanks.)

It’s up in the air 尚未确定

Up in the air 是习惯说法,指计划、问题等悬而未决、尚未确定。

The date of the wedding is still up in the air.结婚典礼的日期尚未确定。

When are you going to Australia?你什么时间去澳洲?

It’s up in the air.尚未确定。

Have you bought the new house?你买了新房吗?

No,we have many choices but we can’t decide which is best.So, it’s up in the air.还没有呢,大家有太多的选择,以致没办法一定哪一套比较合适,所以还没定下来。

When will you start to learn English?你什么时间开始学习英语?

Now I’m as busy as a bee. So it’s up in the air.目前我特别忙,所以没办法确定。

Pick up the pace 加快脚步

pace 的意思是步态、节奏、速度。Pick up the pace, 意思是加快脚步、加迅速度。在英语中,表示催促的词组,除去pick up the pace. 还有Hurry up! Come on!等。

We’re late for the banquet.Pick up your pace!大家赴宴迟了,快走吧!

You go first. I’ll follow after I change my clothes.你先走,换好衣服后我会跟上你。

Happy Valley Theme Park is going to close. Could you pick up your pace so we can try to see the whole park?欢乐谷就要关门了,快走吧,大家争取到每一个地方去看看。

OK, I agree.好吧。

The sports lesson will start soon. Pick up your pace, your sports teacher is hot-tempered.体育课就要开始了,快点吧,你们的体育教师可是个爆脾气。

The enemy is coming soon. Pick up your pace!敌人就要到了,加快脚步前进!

Pick up your pace. It will start raining soon.快点走,开要下雨了。

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